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Pagosa Springs, Colorado

We've had the good fortune to enjoy this beautiful 2002 Corvette Coupe and have been thrilled with it! It's an incredibly comfortable, high performance car, yet surprisingly, it averages nearly 30 miles per gallon! And yes, that's with - ahem - "spirited" driving. This is our 350 HP ECONOMY car!

Owning a Corvette automatically opens the door to your having "instant friends" all over the place who share your enthusiasm for the marque. We belong to the C5 Registry, an organization dedicated to maintaining a history of the specific car, and our all-time favorite, the Rocky Mountain Corvette Social Club! The RMCSC is actually a "non-club", with "non-members". No dues, no meetings, no officers - just good friends who enjoy their Corvettes.

The RMCSC organizes "drive and dines" and an occasional car show. If you love Corvettes, and just want to have fun instead of compete for trophies, THIS is the group to hang out with. The RMCSC has about 165 members, scattered across Colorado, and a few surrounding states. Don't hesitate to join just for the camaraderie - and some great information provided by other owners. Check the RMCSC web site (the link is on the menu above).

The most recent event sponsored by the RMCSC was an "impromptu" Corvette show at the Royal Gorge, near Cañon City, Colorado. The event was organized by Dan and Priscilla Samento, two of of Cañon City's finest! Here is a link to some great image on the menu at the top of the page, or click here.

Royal Gorge Corvette Show

We also participated in a recent car show which featured the Blue Angels flight demonstration team, held in Grand Junction, Colorado, recently. Our Corvette was photographed on the flight line with their F-18 Hornets. Here is a link to that car and air show, called "Wings and Wheels", on the menu at the top of the page, or click here.

Wings and Wheels Air Show

We're very proud of our 2002 Quick Silver coupe, and wanted a great picture of it at a scenic spot. One of our favorite spots in the Colorado Springs area is the Garden of the Gods. Taken by my wife Debbie, early in the morning at about 8:00, this is a scene of great environmental and automotive beauty.

We've also been fortunate to discover a wealth of information on the web regarding Corvettes, their owners, and lots of "how to" information to keep your 'Vette in good health. We'd love to share that with you. I have two favorite web sites for Corvette information where members can post questions and receive rapid answers from other Corvette owners who have "been there, done that":

Corvette Forum

The other top favorite web site for Corvette enthusiasts is the Corvette Action Center, which can be found at:

Corvette Action Center

Thanks for stopping by my web page devoted to my favorite hobbies - amateur radio and Corvettes....please stop back often!