Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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Welcome to Pagosa Springs, Colorado! We are located in southwest Colorado, surrounded by the incredible beauty of the San Juan and Rocky Mountain Ranges, at an elevation of 7500 feet. Pagosa Springs is about 50 miles east of Durango, and 25 miles north of the New Mexico border. Pagosa Springs offers many outdoor recreation opportunities and is perhaps best known for its historic mineral hot springs and the exceptional skiing at Wolf Creek, where 440 inches of snowfall annually make skiers very happy.

Retirees, tourists and a steady base of "locals" who enjoy the high mountains, four seasons, fresh air, plentiful sunshine, and diverse attractions of southwestern Colorado make Pagosa Springs a dynamic town. Pagosa Springs has been "discovered" by those wanting a great outdoors experience and life style. Archuleta County, home to Pagosa Springs, has a population of about 11,000 people. Only about 40 percent of them are full-time residents, making Pagosa Springs largely comprised of second homes.

Within the 11,000 person population in the immediate vicinity of Pagosa Springs, there are about 80 ham radio operators. A large majority of these hams are technicians, with a strong representation of general and a handful of extra class hams.

USAF Colonel Peace

I'm a retired USAF colonel, having spent 26 years on duty in locations around the world. My duty assignments took me to many places around the globe, and it's always a delight to be able to talk to someone in a location I've been to at one time or another during my career.

I've had the incredible opportunity to work with some wonderful, dedicated champions of liberty during my career, as well as on many fascinating programs. I served as a missile launch officer on the Minuteman ICBM system at Whiteman AFB, Missouri (now home of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber) and operated the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station (BMEWS) in Alaska.

I served as a contracting officer and program manager on programs like the Manned Maneuvering Unit worn by astronauts to "fly" around outside the Shuttle, and as the Director of Contracting for the Alaskan Air Command. I was Chairman of the Joint Acquisition Coordinating Board at the US European Command Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and served as the Deputy Director for Security Assistance at the US Pacific Command Headquarters in Hawaii.

My last assignment before retiring was as the Commander of the Defense Contract Management Area Operations office in Hartford, Connecticut, where I was responsible for $12 billion in Department of Defense contracts in locations throughout New England. The last project on which I worked was the F-22 Raptor advanced fighter, where I performed an audit of the program for the Secretary of the Air Force. A fascinating and capable fighter, the Raptor is now on front line duty with the USAF.

Pagosa Springs has a 2 meter repeater on the air, courtesy of Fred Harmon, NØJSP (146.610 - and PL Tone 123). It's an open repeater, and local and transient hams are encouraged to use it.

Working DX stations (countries far away) is a favorite pastime of mine. I'm continuing my pursuit of "the last one". I came very close when I lived in Alaska (ex-WL7M) with 313 of 338 countries. Now that I've moved to Pagosa Springs, I've had to start all over again! So far, I've worked 334 countries - more than my Alaska total - and just a few more left to finsih working all DXCC entities. Not bad for not "being" a DX station! It takes more work, and it's every bit as much fun!

I love 6 meters too - I've managed to work 45 states in two months from here in Colorado. When I lived in Alaska, I worked all states in 30 days on 6 meters - quite an accomplishment, but the bands were wide open and being in a "rare" location, I got a fair share of attention. My thanks to all the guys and gals who made that happen. I've also started using High Speed Meteor Scatter on 6 meters, which allows me to talk to people on a daily basis on what otherwise would be a "dead band". Give it a try - you may really enjoy it!

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